We design water-based automatic sprinkler systems for commercial, industrial, residential and custom home projects. All of our designers are licensed by NICET and approved by a NICET Level IV Certificate Holder. Our systems are designed in accordance with NFPA 13, NFPA 13R, NFPA 13D, the International Building Code, and the authority having jurisdiction.

System Installation

Our Field Superintendents are licensed and knowledgeable in all areas of fire protection. We have both Residential and Commercial field crews.

Fire Sprinkler System Maintenance

Advanced Fire Systems offers 24-hour emergency call service for fire sprinkler systems. Additionally, we offer quarterly, annual, and five-year inspection services for all types of automatic sprinklers systems. Although we do not perform fire alarm testing, we would gladly coordinate a date and time of inspection with your alarm company, for your convenience.

Backflow Preventer Testing

In conjunction with sprinkler system maintenance, we also offer backflow preventer testing. Oftentimes, this service is scheduled at the same time as a fire sprinkler system test. This service can be provided even if the building is not equipped with a fire sprinkler system.

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